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olicity stills [3x01 - the calm]

Kelly Clarkson + emojis

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Emily Bett Rickards on Olicity.



Emily Bett Rickards weighs in on Olicity! Arrow season 2 is out on Blu-ray™, DVD & Digital HD Sept. 16.

I LOVE her! That hair, tho….I want to see more of that gorgeous hair!!!

felicity smoak: a summary

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Team Arrow - #FoundryFridays

The ridiculous talent on tumblr. This edit is beautiful!

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"So you weren’t telling the truth."

"Please. I mean, we do make a good team. But don’t let our cover go to that big old head of yours.” 

"I didn’t."



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On the island Sara told me that love is the most powerful emotion.

Olicity + Romantic Movie Quotes

Jerry Maguire · Sleepless in Seattle · Before Midnight · The English Patient · As Good As It Gets · The Princess Bride · Casablanca · Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back · Pretty Woman · Gone With the Wind

make me choose:
meqhanory asked: olicity or thea/roy?


Arrow Season 3 new characters.

Mama Smoak is hot! I think I’m starting to ship Ted/Laurel… ship name, anyone? So excited for Mr. Palmer and Mr. al Ghul!

Holy shit that’s a lot of new characters! Komodo and Vertigo are such good villains though.. it’ll be a shame if they’ll only be an episode of the week kinda baddie.

if we don’t take chances with our  H E A R T S 
                                     then what are we even doing here ?


GET TO KNOW ME MEMEFavourite Characters » Felicity Smoak

↳ “Codebreaker is my middle name. Actually, it’s Megan.”